Guidelines for article writing

Guidelines for Article writing
            This document provides writing guidelines for researchers who are interested in sending their article to publish in the conference proceeding. All researchers should follow the description in 1-4 below.
1. Manuscript preparation and Publications format (Full paper)
            1.1 Preparation for manuscript: Printed without columns as follows.
                1. Size of original: Printed on one side of A 4 paper (8¼  11¾ inches =21 29.7 cm.), leaving 3.5 cm at the top and 2.5 cm on the right and left sides and on the bottom of the paper.
                2. The position of tabs: set the first tab at 1.25 cm. and set increments every 0.5 cm.
            1.2 Fonts and Position:  Use Microsoft Word; the text should be in Times New Roman font, and use single spacing. The details are as follows.
                1. Article Title: (English) 14 point and bold with left edge alignment
                2. Author’s name:  Double space above the name and use 12 point with bold italics and left edge alignment.
                3. Advisor/co -researcher: Use 12 point bold and italics with left edge alignment right under the first author/ first researcher.
                4 Headings: 14 points and bold with left edge alignment. Double space before starting a new heading.
                5. Sub topics: indent one-tab space
                6. In-text citations:
                        7.1 References cited before or after the text should have the author’s name and the year of publication.
                           7.1.1 Author’s name. (Year of publication: page number for quotations)
                 7. Footer for paper includes:
                        *students’ faculty…………….. majoring in………………………… institute…….use 10 point italics, left edge alignment.
                        **Academic Titles, program in………, institute……………….. use 10 point italics, left edge alignment.
            1.3 Number of pages: In general, research papers should not have more than 10 pages.
2. Research paper organization and content
            In the text, the author should translate terminology into English as much as possible. The author should carefully use word structure to guide the reader through what the paper is about. If the writer uses abbreviations, they must write full words before using them. Content must be organized as follows:
            2.1 Article title: The title should be short, clear and no longer than 100 letters. The title should be in English.
            2.2 Author’s name: Writtenin English with academic title.
            2.3 Abstract: Written in English. The abstract is typically a single paragraph and no longer than 250 words. The abstract provides a summary of the research project. If the author uses science terminology in the abstract, they have to italicize the term.
            2.4 Keywords: 3 wordswritten in English separated by commas.
            2.5 Introduction: The introduction provides a short review of the research topic. The introduction describes topics, the field of study, an aspect of the field that could be improved, methods to test the hypothesis, and the questions that contribute to the overall field of study.
            2.6 Purpose of study: To explain the purpose of the study.
            2.7 Research Methodology: Describe how the research was conducted. The topics are as follows:
                1). Step-by-step process of the research
                 2). Rationale for each step
                 3). Population and sampling. The author describes the population and the sampling, background of sampling, and source of data.
                4). Instrumentation
                5). Procedures of data collection
                6). Procedures of data analysis      
            2.8 Results: A full description of the results of all analyses should be presented with appropriate graphs and tables.
            2.9 Discussion: The discussion should tie the results to the previous literature indicate weather findings support or reject any hypothesis.
            2.10 Conclusion: The conclusion restates the objectives and research question and provides what aspects have been answered by the results.
            2.11 Suggestions: Suggestions may include the limitations of the study.
                1). Suggestion may apply to the field
                2). Suggestion may apply in the future research
            2.12 References: Written in APA style
3. Proposal submission:
            5.1Proposal submission and payment open onlineat February 1st and close on May 30th, 2019.
4. For more information please contact:
            If you need more information about the conference, please contact the organizers at or e-mail:
           Telephone no: +6643 556 132, +6643 556 001-8, Fax no. +6643 556 231